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  1. A true Christmas urban legend
  2. Earthworm preservative
  3. Puget Sound is flavored by the holidays
  4. Fast food rumors
  5. Men Served Fries Doused in Oven Cleaner
  6. Couple sue over bloody paper towel in chip bag
  7. Pickle juice is deadly
  8. Pom juice tested on animals?
  9. Food contamination articles
  10. Myth-busting the microwave veggie story
  11. Scallop = stringray or shark
  12. The date on Tennant's pint glasses
  13. Goldschlager's gold flakes
  14. McDonald's "Promotes" the 10 Second Rule
  15. Texas Lawmaker Challenges Burger History
  16. Penis in sealed juice case
  17. Don't reheat cooked spinach
  18. The white powder on a chocolate bar means it's spoiled
  19. Bananas make other fruits spoil more quickly?
  20. Bread only diet
  21. Drinking Hand Sanitizer
  22. Woman Claims She Found Blade in McMuffin
  23. Hass Avocado Board Set to Score Big on Super Bowl
  24. Food products almost equal to toxins
  25. Want lies with your burger?
  26. Are Lifesavers (Candy) Really Life Savers?
  27. Enviga energy drink claims investigated
  28. Urban Legend Hits Wyoming Restaurant
  29. "The Urban Legend of Sulfites" in wine
  30. Origin of Orange Juice?
  31. Coca-Cola's Holy Grail
  32. The food, the fear, the facts
  33. Dislike of cheese
  34. Your gut-wrenching guide to gastronomic gross-outs
  35. Everything has addictive additives
  36. Food products made with semen
  37. Mmmm, Tasty Chemicals
  38. Wendy's immortal chili batch
  39. Coffee 'no boost in the morning'
  40. Only 3 Fruits Native to North America?
  41. Microwave cleaning tip
  42. We eat horses, don't we?
  43. Cosmetics made from restaurant grease
  44. More products made from anti-freeze
  45. Don't put cans in the refrigerator
  46. Pickles kill bacteria
  47. Applebee's doesn't cook
  48. Sugar and Salt Cancel Each Other Out
  49. Atkins diet
  50. Fiberglass in cigarettes
  51. Tail find prompts food bar recall
  52. City water employee suspended after urinating at filtration plant
  53. Legend filled our glasses
  54. Study: Chinese restaurant food nutritional no-no
  55. Spinach in outbreak traced to farm, processor
  56. Soda drinkers consume more calories
  57. Chili origins
  58. Contaminated Gluten in Bread
  59. Hot Beef Commercial
  60. Humans eating pet food
  61. Indian food spiced to hide spoiled meat?
  62. Meat & Poo
  63. Condom Found in McDonald's Happy Meal
  64. Starchy foods
  65. Wife put excrement in man's curry
  66. Faked Eggs
  67. Man Who Claimed Condom in Iced Tea Sues
  68. Debunking the five-second dropped food rule
  69. Mushrooms have no nutritional value
  70. Spinach
  71. The Dangers of Cracklin' Oat Bran
  72. Always cook Top Ramen
  73. Judge: Teen's crude prank 'beyond stupid'
  74. Killer banana rumour grips China
  75. 'Cat meat' shawerma
  76. Officer Suing McDonald's
  77. Weight gain through external food absorption
  78. Unsavory prank gets teen in trouble
  79. Cucumbers + milk = poison
  80. Tomatoes cause smoking
  81. Man Says He Found Snake Head in Beans
  82. Pitted dates
  83. Re-pasteurized milk
  84. Dogs' dinners prove popular in Nigeria
  85. Caffeine may not give a jolt to health
  86. Don't eat before bed
  87. Kobe beef
  88. Is Bottled Water Just a Waste?
  89. Shrimp - most environmentally-damaging seafood?
  90. 10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know
  91. Why 3 meals a day?
  92. Veg farming kills as many animals as meat?
  93. Chinese cat lovers block truck shipping felines to restaurants
  94. Cardboard is main ingredient in Beijing steamed buns
  95. $600-a-pound coffee
  96. Rats back on the menu in southern China
  97. Eating sushi during pregnancy
  98. Earl Grey tea
  99. How would you like your horse cooked?
  100. Japanese worm burger a fast food flop
  101. Astonishing, any way you slice it
  102. Food in McDonald's wrapper tastes better to kids
  103. The Bionic Burger
  104. Scary chopsticks
  105. Don't eat fruit stickers!
  106. Doctor debunks Japan's'chili pepper diet' myth
  107. Frog parts in guacamole
  108. McDonald's sued over biscuit with bandage inside
  109. Do You Want Your Bowel with That?
  110. Is sushi and alcohol toxic?
  111. Chocolate Does Not Contain Caffeine
  112. Condom-in-a-bottle man sues Russian beer-makers for millions
  113. Rat in the milkshake
  114. Dasani ingredients
  115. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with weight loss?
  116. Family Claims Snake Head Found in Beans
  117. Don't believe all you thought you knew about nutrition
  118. All candy corn was made in 1911
  119. Oreos are made from floor sweepings
  120. Goldschlager flakes
  121. Garlic slows reaction time?
  122. Oil for bottled water
  123. You fool! You can't fool a Pepper
  124. Frozen spinach is not vegetarian
  125. Blue M&Ms were poisonous
  126. Burn 50 calories drinking cold water?
  127. Margarine is pink
  128. Fish and Chips Jewish?
  129. Is toilet water cleaner than your drink?
  130. Stomachs of Titanic passengers
  131. Man Says He Found Condom in Sandwich
  132. Man bites burger, finds plastic wrap
  133. More products made with (fiber)glass
  134. Too much Sunny Delight turns your skin orange
  135. Snacking on a wing and a prayer
  136. Does milk really do a body good?
  137. Thousand Island Dressing
  138. Supermarkets spray produce with insecticide every night
  139. Solving a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside a Cookie
  140. Live Frog in Lettuce Stuns Mom
  141. More foods indistinguishable from plastic
  142. Do you taste cinnamon?
  143. Cream of tartar
  144. For Vietnamese, The Year of the Rat Starts with Lunch
  145. Food contaminants
  146. Interesting Facts About Food
  147. Two types of sugar cookies?
  148. Shop-owners sold chocolate cake sprinkled with human feces
  149. Girl Scout cookies are contaminated
  150. Fugu deaths
  151. After two years vodka turns into water
  152. V8 adds metal flavor to plastic-bottled juice
  153. Salt on the right, pepper on the left
  154. Coca-Cola = Pepsi
  155. Coke in bottles is different from Coke in cans
  156. Tobacco trove
  157. Now that feels tasty
  158. Colored dots on Coke cans
  159. Where did stone soup begin?
  160. No one can eat quail for 30 days
  161. Goat poo oil?
  162. Worms in pepperoni
  163. Consuming food coated with melted plastic?
  164. Chocolate binds with milk
  165. Lucky Charms is the healthiest cereal if you take out the marshmallows
  166. Microwaves are making us unhealthy?
  167. Coke makes you thirstier
  168. Absinthe's mystique cops a blow
  169. Seafood extender
  170. Man chips tooth on bolt in restaurant soup
  171. Popcorn as breakfast cereal
  172. Anti-freeze in vitamin water
  173. Who invented peanut butter?
  174. No danger of disease from fish, say officials
  175. Poisonous pomegranate husks?
  176. 60K lbs of shrimp consumed in Vegas each day
  177. Al Capone and pasteurized milk
  178. Woman jailed after claim of rat in food
  179. Man claims he found a 7-inch knife in sandwich
  180. Embalming fluid is used as preservative in Corona beer?
  181. Loud music makes customers drink faster
  182. Man says 9-foot tapeworm came from undercooked salmon salad
  183. Myth: the potato skin is the only part with nutritional value
  184. Finger found in oxtail, deli owner suspects 'hoax'
  185. Chocolate Mug Cake
  186. Pepper doesn't digest?
  187. Cappuccino
  188. The story behind Philippe's and its famous French dip
  189. Botulism from canned foods
  190. Butchering of deer closes restaurant
  191. Feces confirmed in gelato
  192. Exploding bananas
  193. Cooking out the alcohol
  194. Can't eat six saltines in a minute?
  195. Do vegetarians get sick from eating animal products?
  196. 7 Retarded Food Myths the Internet Thinks Are True
  197. Don't wash mushrooms
  198. Wimpy says contaminated sauce claims are a 'hoax'
  199. Taco Bell must be eaten within an hour of ordering
  200. UK v US Skittles
  201. New data: High-fructose corn syrup no worse than sugar
  202. China protest decries custom of eating cats
  203. Rats love mustard
  204. Cool Whip = Preparation H
  205. Russians claim their drinking prowess is a 'myth'
  206. Jefferson invented macaroni and cheese?
  207. Busting the myths about food and nutrition
  208. Pop Tarts are illegal in Australia
  209. Rice clogs your intestines
  210. Strawberries are fungus
  211. Why food is spicy
  212. Don't eat raw green beans
  213. McGangBang
  214. Brown eggs vs. white eggs
  215. McDonald's and Coca-Cola
  216. Fountain drinks don't use aspartame
  217. A life without lime on Cinco de Mayo
  218. All starchy foods contain weevils
  219. Dr Pepper artifact may reveal soft drink's origin
  220. Secret Whataburger ketchup numbers
  221. Cottage cheese keeps better stored upside down in the refrigerator
  222. Restaurant hits back at rumours it serves cat and dog meat
  223. Red Bull's New Cola: A Kick from Cocaine?
  224. McDonald's burgers minus pickles = confectionery
  225. Don't eat too much rice
  226. Cost of potato chips
  227. Lose weight by eating candy
  228. Honey never spoils
  229. A steady diet of food myths
  230. Don't drink frozen Gatorade
  231. Americans eat 100 lbs of chocolate per second
  232. "They" put rat poison in white bread
  233. The 10 drinking myths that'll get you in trouble
  234. S. Korean wages a visual campaign against dog eating
  235. Coke sinks; Diet Coke floats
  236. The origins of Splenda
  237. Origins of carrot cake
  238. Secret Worcestershire Sauce recipe found
  239. The Amazing Cucumber
  240. Drinking coffee 'will not sober you up' when drunk
  241. Silver dragees eliminated by lawsuit
  242. Leeches from eating kangkung
  243. Restaurants use recycled pickles?
  244. Margarine is naturally black
  245. How many bumps on your peppers?
  246. Cats and dogs to be taken off menu in China
  247. Don't wash your coffee cup
  248. Red meat is dyed?
  249. A Happy Meal is forever
  250. Strawberry bugs